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Update 2002-5

May15, 2002

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend us your ears:

Item 1

Today is payday.  While we are not  telling you anything that you do not already know, we want to dig a little deeper into the significance of your paycheck.  

Right now, the media is discussing the possibility of U.S. Airways filing for bankruptcy.   Additionally, U.S. Airways management is planning to apply for U.S. Government guaranteed loans.  

U.S. Airways is not the only carrier seeking these loans.   United Airlines CEO Jack Creighton has announced that United is planning to file for the government bail-out  loans as well. 

Loans are not the only component of these companies' fight to become profitable.   Both companies are seeking concessions from its unions to try to reduce labor costs.  Without these concessions, these two companies will have trouble competing with low cost carriers like Southwest, Air Tran, Jet Blue, and Frontier.

As we look at our paychecks, we should remember that we work for a stable company that is well positioned to thrive in this future.   

The AFA represented flight attendants at US Airways and United are likely looking at paychecks that will get smaller in the near term.  Possibly, their airline careers could end.   Even the United MEC Website is discussing bankruptcy.

We acknowledge that working for Delta has its problems.  There is room for improvement.  In the midst of all our complaining about piggy-backing and cap days, we should remember the bottom line.  With the possible exception of Southwest,  we were the least impacted by the financial fallout from the events of 9-11 and the subsequent industry downturn.   As our peers at U.S. Airways and United look forward to an uncertain future, we should remember that our paychecks and our careers in this industry are secure.

To learn more about what is happening in our industry, we suggest that you subscribe to the ATA Smart Brief.  If you subscribe, the  ATA Smart Brief will be e-mailed to you every business day.   Then, you can write these updates for us.

Item 2

Speaking of being knowledgeable about our industry, On Board Leaders received an e-mail from IFS Communication on Friday, May 10, 2002.  It described a class on business literacy entitled "Our Airline, Our Business."  Basically, it seeks to give us a better understanding of the industry and Delta's finances.  We think that you should consider attending one of the sessions.

One of the strategies of any organizing campaign is to distort issues that employees do not understand.   A company's financial decision making is often a target.  When employees do not see the financial big picture, unions build support by distorting facts and causing confusion.  Hopefully, this class will give you a better understanding of how a company works in this industry.   This will allow you to better analyze the AFA's information.

In any event, Delta will be paying us all $100.00  to attend.   (Just think, that is almost three months of AFA union dues).

If any of you have attended this seminar, please drop us an e-mail to let us know what you thought about it.

Item 3

Still no word on the results of the National Mediation Board investigation into the AFA's charges of interference. As we know, prima facie does not mean that Delta interfered with laboratory conditions.  It just means that the AFA's allegations warrant further investigation to find out if there was actual interference.  

When the NMB renders its decision, we will post it on this site. 

Item 4

[This item intentionally left blank]

Item 5

 ". . . bitch, and fuss, and piss, and . . . . . . "  I Used to Love Her, Guns and Roses

Examining recent AFA communications, we think that this must be the new theme of  AFA communications these days. For example:

  1. Have you recently visited Delta AFA's premier method of communicating with Delta flight attendants?  If not, we suggest that you renew your subscription to the AFA Jointogether listserv.  Jointogether  is not published regularly anymore, but it can be entertaining when it is published.  It also lives up the AFA's current theme. 
  2. The United AFA code-a-phone seems to follow this theme as well.  Click here to read 1-800-DEARAFA online
  3. Regardless of your opinion about the pilots being allowed to carry guns in the cockpit, the AFA's position on this issue is amusing and right on theme.  Read the article in the Washington Post.  Basically, the AFA position is that pilots should not be allowed to have guns unless pilots are required to come out of the cockpit to defend flight attendants with the guns.    Even those that support pilots carrying guns in the cockpit do not think that it is wise for a pilot to leave the controls of the aircraft, open the cockpit door, and attempt our rescue.  The AFA's position is emotional, not rational.
  4. Well, here is the latest AFA example of this theme. If the pilots get guns, the AFA wants us to carry 16 inch metal batons.  You have to read it to believe it.    Note: while the AFA whines, union free Delta flight attendants are already attending paid self defense training.

Item 6

We came across this bit of information last month, and we thought that you would enjoy reading some items from the proposed 2002 AFA annual budget. These items are directly related to us:

$625,000 to fund the Delta organizing campaign from the time it lost until June 2002.

Keeping the Organizing Department Director on salary for the entire year. (Well, deltafa.org supports this item. We would have to go and get a real hobby without her.)

$54,000 for a "GOTVD" campaign if the NMB makes a finding of interference and authorized a re-run election using a "Laker" ballot.

$26,000 for a telephone poll of Delta flight attendants to try to gauge AFA support in a re-run election.  (We would tell them for free)

$43,000 per year for the lease on the AFA Organizing Headquarters near  Hartsfield. This lease expires in 2003.

If these figures are indeed correct, Delta flight attendants are still costing the line AFA flight attendant a significant amount of money.   It is time to stop the madness. 

Item 7

Last month, deltafa.org was sent a virus via e-mail.  We practice "safe e-mail," so we were not infected.  Being optimists, we assumed that maybe the person sending the virus did it by mistake.  When we replied with an e-mail letting the person know that his or her computer was infected, we received no reply.  Therefore, we consider this a malicious virus attack on deltafa.org.  

Apparently, someone does not like our politics.

This highlights the need for everyone to have an up-to-date anti-virus program installed on their computer.  These programs are cheap, effective, and prevent your computer from being infected - either by accident or on purpose by some loser with an e-mail address of wesfl@yahoo.com.

Item 8

A re run of an item from the last update.

If you are a UAL flight attendant and have not found the new message board, visit the Private UAL Flight Attendant Message Board

Item 9

Paranoid, or are they really out to get her????

Deltafa.org is sure that the following passage makes the rank and file AFA member confident in the leadership of AFA International.  Enjoy the following excerpt from an interview with AFA International President Patricia Friend:

Question: You have been one of the most outspoken critics of the efforts to improve airport and airline security since the Sept. 11 attacks. Why take this approach, and what has been the fallout?

Answer: I've actually accused the FAA of putting me on some kind of watch list (emphasis added), because the random hand searches and extra security I underwent in the months right after the attacks was pretty much at every stop.

Actually Pat, it wasn't the FAA, it was those darned union busters.  They are everywhere, you know.

Read the rest of the article on the Cincinnatti Enquirer website

Item 10

Thanks for checking in.  As always, if you hear or see something that would be a good basis for an article, let us know.

Fly safe,







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