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afa-CWA Activists GOT VD! ???

In this election, the association of flight attendants-Communication Workers of America (afa-CWA) is very concerned about its chances for actually scoring.  Like the last time, it is afraid that it will lose, and fear is making it desperate.

While the afa-CWA claims to have submitted authorization cards for over fifty percent of us, it does not trust the flight attendants who submitted cards to actually vote for it.  Quite simply, the afa-CWA is afraid that many Delta fight attendants submitted cards just to avoid harassment by its over zealous activists. If flight attendants submitted cards just to be left alone, they are not likely to vote for the afa-CWA.  As the last election proved, the afa-CWA's fear is well founded. We rejected it by a large margin.

To try to win this time, the afa-CWA will once again use a favorite strategy to try to increase its chances of scoring in an election.  It calls its campaign strategy "Get Out the Vote, Delta." (GOT VD!

The GOT VD! strategy works like this. The AFA will mail GOT VD! packets to its activists. Once the activists have GOT VD! from the afa-CWA, the activists then try to spread out and contact the rest of us.

What will the GOT VD! packets contain? Well to be honest, we are not really sure. Unfortunately, the afa-CWA is not in the habit of mailing its materials to our P.O Box. (We did not even receive a Christmas Card from them.) In short, we don't GOT VD! However, we have an idea what it is like to get it.

These GOT VD! packets will contain materials to help the afa-CWA Delta activists and the other airline Flight Pay Loss (FPL) "volunteers" convince those on the fence to vote for the afa-CWA.

For example in the last election, the GOT VD! packets were tailored for each afa-CWA Delta activist.  The packets would list who was flying with each activist.  This would allow the activist to try to badger the hold outs into voting for the afa-CWA over the course of the rotation.

Last time, we felt that this tactic was heavy handed. This time, we hope that the afa-CWA will take the high road and let us make our own decisions without sending out its radicalized myrmidons to try to badger us into supporting it.

To prevent an emotional decision with long term consequences, we suggest the following:  Look at our afa-CWA represented peers in the industry. Do they have industry leading contracts?  Are they happy? Learn about the bigger picture from neutral sources like the ATA Smartbrief. Look at the information on www.deltafa.org.  Read the company materials.  Educate yourselves so you can decide based on facts and logic instead of emotion.

Remember that the afa-CWA developed its public relations campaign to trick you into voting for it. GOT VD! is part of that larger strategy. It is all designed to try to trick you by getting you to respond emotionally, not logically. The afa-CWA does not want you to think for yourselves.  

Look at information from all sources so it will be harder for the afa-CWA to confuse you.  If you are informed, they cannot use a public relations campaign and pressure from its aggressive activists to trick you.

If an afa-CWA activist comes up to you, whispers in your ear, plays on your emotions, and tries to give you something, it might not be good for you, and it could be hard to get rid of it.  One emotionally driven decision in a moment of passion could taint you forever.

Just say no.  Help keep Delta clean.

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Last modified: December 13, 2008