Vicious TruthsDelta F/A e-mail Newsletter #5                 May  30, 2001


            After disappearing from the radar screen for almost a year, twu supporters are resurfacing, knocking the afa and endeavoring to gain support for the twu.  Not to be outdone, other F/A are touting an independent union. Both offer strong criticisms of the afa.  The twu, for example, notes that the nearly $10 million per year in dues that afa would receive from Delta F/As would be under the absolute control of the international union, which in turn gives it absolute control over the members.  The pro independent union troops cite the fact that the afa has a conflict of interest because it represents a major competitor – United – and is not about to agree to anything that would give us an advantage in that match up.  Meanwhile, many pro-afa F/As are upset at the prospects of being challenged after the afa has spent millions of dollars of its members’ dues money in its efforts to entrap us.  


            Interesting excepts from a pro-afa e-mail:


·         “Sign those cards and get busy helping to reach the doors of the NMB. [They need cards from 35% of F/As to “reach the doors of the NMB.”  All their talk about getting cards from 75% and later 50% notwithstanding, they’re obviously still struggling to get 35%]

·         “What good are excuses going to do you when you are still suffering years from now? [Suffering?  Isn’t that a bit melodramatic?  The only suffering we see in the faces of pro-afa F/As who are having a very difficult time getting cards signed.]

·         “If you don’t grab this opportunity today do you think AFA or any other Union for that matter is going to waste their time and their money in you any time soon?  [Other unions obviously see what the afa hasn’t as yet, namely that spending years of effort and millions of dollars in a futile effort to organize us would indeed be a “waste of their time and their money.”]

·         In response to talk about forming an independent union: “In order to form an independent union the membership must have not only experience but must faithfully believe in ‘ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL’ concept.  And can we honestly say that at Delta all Flight Attendants understand, believe and subscribe to that concept?  I think NOT, otherwise we would not be going through this incredibly slow organizing effort. [The issue isn’t ‘All for One,’ etc., it’s whether it makes sense to hire the afa.  It doesn’t. That’s why the afa’s campaign is going so “incredibly slow.”]

·         “My God, our group is still debating over union dues!  [This is apparently a reference to Greg Love’s letter telling afa supporters that all dues go directly to the afa which will not commit to giving any portion of them back to locals.  That, of course, gives the afa a stranglehold over its locals and members.  If they don’t support the party line, the afa can cut them off financially. That’s certainly an issue worth “debating.”]

·     I have nothing against the TWU) But TWU used to represent the PAN AM flight attendants prior to 1978.  However the PAN AM flight attendants formed their own independent union, because they never felt that TWU represented them properly. The Flight Attendant group, used to get whatever was left over during negotiations” [What a coincidence.  American F/As used to belong to the afa, so did Northwest F/As.  They must have felt the same way about the afa.  The US  Airways F/As wearing black ribbons under their afa pins and the United F/As who formed FAIR to oust the afa, must also.]


One of the pro-afa F/As sent out an e-mail claiming success during the afa’s blitz last week. “Thousands of Delta flight attendants have signed cards,” she gushed.  We’re sure that was a misprint.  She undoubtedly meant to say “Millions of flight attendants.”



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