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Update 2002-3

March 1, 2002

Item 1

Well, here we are.  It is now March, and the AFA still is hanging around.  The AFA wants a re-run of our election because it did not respect our choice.  It still is crying management interference. There is an old saying, "A hurt pig squeals." The AFA is squealing loudly.

Item 2

Interference works both ways. If you think that the AFA tried to coerce you into voting for it, check out our latest article. Click Here.

Item 3

We recently read on the AFA jointogether listserv that our activists were acting up at the counting of the ballots at NMB Headquarters, and were almost asked to leave. And to think that  they wanted us to vote them into power.

Item 4

The AFA Constitution is now on-line on the the AFA International Homepage. Read it. You will learn how they would have appointed our first leadership.

Item 5.

We read on the AFA website for Delta that the AFA is complaining about Deltaís legal team getting an extension on the deadline for filing the company response. Isnít it great how Management's simple legal maneuver is costing the AFA so much money. Every week that this election contest drags on is another week that a cash starved AFA has to maintain its organizing presence in ATL. The AFA is slowly being bled of its resources.  You would think that it would learn that there is a price to be paid for not respecting our decision.

Item 6.

We found an NMB case that is similar to what the AFA is alleging at Delta. You can read it at 26 NMB 79 (1999) 

Item 7

We have a pilot who occasionally sends us words of wisdom.  We call his words "Cross Check"  Cross check them out.

Item 8

We look forward to reading the following passage on the NMB Website sometime in the near future:


Based upon its assessment of the totality of the circumstances in this case, which includes evaluation of the specific allegations, the Board finds that Delta did not interfere with, influence, or coerce employees during the course of the election, and, therefore, did not taint the laboratory conditions.

On the basis of the investigation and report of election results which establishes that less than a majority of eligible voters cast valid votes for representation in the election, the National Mediation Board finds no basis for Certification and the application is, therefore, dismissed subject to Part 1206.4(b) of the NMB Rules.



We are not yet there, but the time is coming.

Item 9

We are going to try to update this site every Friday. However, feel free to make your own content by posting on our much ignored message board

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