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Update 2002-02            

February 4, 2002

Hello All:

We have been savoring the victory of Delta flight attendants over the AFA last Friday. Our group sent a very loud message to the AFA that they are not wanted here. Only 29% of us voted for the AFA. The AFA could only garner 29% after six years, six million dollars, a constant stream of propaganda, and a few over zealous activists that used our briefing rooms and jumpseats to try to brow beat us into supporting the AFA. Even the Atlanta snowstorm and the ensuing scheduling meltdown did not assure the AFA victory.

It is interesting that the AFA had a prearranged defeat plan. By 2:00 PM EST, the AFA had already released a statement to the media decrying the results and accusing the company of intimidation and interference. By that evening, a letter from the AFA President had been posted on the AFA websites for Delta and the AFA represented carriers. There were also several articles describing Delta’s "interference" posted as well. It was a "spin cycle" that would have made any Maytag repairman proud.

In our opinion, the spinning started because the AFA leadership is trying to avert a firestorm of complaints from its membership. Eventually, the line AFA member will realize how small the odds were of the AFA actually organizing us. When the dues go up and the union services are cut back, AFA members will look to AFA International for answers. By misdirecting the members ire on Delta management, the AFA wants to avoid accountability for its mismanagement.

The real blame lays squarely on the heads of Patricia Friend and her Board of Directors. In their greed to expand the AFA, and "get a seat at Delta’s table, like Delta has had a seat at [theirs]", this AFA leadership team has squandered precious AFA resources at a time when the AFA revenue base was shrinking.

We are still irritated that a prime component of the AFA’s strategy was to fan the flames of discord among our ranks. Our work environment and interpersonal relationships suffered as a result of the AFA’s influence. Their plan was to make us unhappy and mistrust management so we would elect them. We are happy that their plan failed and are looking forward to rebuilding our relationships with our coworkers, returning Delta to profitability, and expanding our company.

What is left in the rubble of the AFA campaign? At Delta, we have a core of activists. Some of these activists have not given up. They are still crusading for this lost cause, and are still proudly displaying their AFA pins.

Deltafa.org strongly recommends treating these activists with dignity and respect. Remember, they have put a lot of hard work into what they thought was right. They feel betrayed because we did not agree with them and did not support their efforts. In effect, we rejected them. 

Our activist coworkers will not have an easy time moving forward. They still have some hope of AFA victory, but this hope will fade as well. In Patricia Friend’s letter to AFA members, she said that that the AFA will not commit significant resources to this drive unless the NMB orders a Laker ballot. We feel that a Laker ballot is unlikely so this campaign is going to further shrivel and ultimately die on the vine.

Once again, we should not be "sore" winners. We should not gloat. It is only by treating our flying partners with dignity and respect that we will heal the wounds of this campaign.

In other news, someone posted on jointogether that the AFA office and website will be down in two weeks. If anyone can verify this, please pass this information along.

Fly Safe, Peace.



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