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Update 2002-01            

January 29, 2002


It may be too late to start updates, but in the deltafa.org spirit of procrastination, we have decided to start it now.  Plus, we do not feel like writing anymore articles this close to Freaky Friday when they count the ballots.

We notice that some of our flight attendants are starting to get a little tense in all of this pre-counting suspense. After all, are we soon to be card carrying members of the AFA, or are we going to continue to move forward with our non union status?

Deltafa.org thinks that this election is going to be close. We could be wrong, but we do not think that the AFA has the necessary votes. Our prediction is the AFA will get the support of 40% We would like this number to be lower. A low number may keep the AFA away for a longer period of time as they try to heal the hangover that we have  given them. Let’s remember that this has been a long and expensive campaign for the AFA. The Delta flight attendants have been frustrating for the AFA. It is not because of company interference. It is because Delta flight attendants are educated, strong- willed and not easily swayed by emotional appeals.

Poll Results:

Here are the results from deltafa.org's  first unscientific poll.  

AFA Effectiveness

Do you think that the AFA can improve our salary, benefits, and working conditions?
No (28) 61%
Yes (17) 37%
Yes, only because I am going to take an AFA staff position. (1) 2%

Total Votes: 46

Some interesting news items related to the rather narcissistic Deltafa.org.

bulletIf you have sent mail to our Union City Post Office Box, we ask that you resend it if possible. The post office just informed us that someone else had a key to our box and was cleaning it out. This may explain why the local Dairy Queen ranks number one in the mail received category. However, we have cleared up this problem, and think that we can get your mail now. We prefer mail containing gifts of Reese’s Cups. In all fairness, this problem is unrelated to the AFA. However, we wish that they would send us Reese’s Cups.


bulletSpeaking of the AFA, we were looking through our January  web access logs last week. Do you know who was Number 1 in the kilobytes transferred category? It was the AFA Headquarters in Washington D.C. (Hi, Y’all) They even surpassed the Deltafa.org webmaster who is constantly uploading new information and correcting our typo’s. Note: The AFA is and Fingerhut (A Labor PR Firm)  hostname is 209-9-178-147.sdsl.cais.net  Click Here to reverse look up these sites.

Top 10 Sites By KBytes

# Hits Files KBytes Visits Hostname
1 390 2.76% 214 2.26% 56952 31.71% 7 0.68%
6 208 1.47% 207 2.19% 2522 1.40% 15 1.47% 209-9-178-147.sdsl.cais.net


bulletMedia inquiries. We are also noticing the web addresses from media organizations dropping in and visiting our site. Unfortunately, no one is from Rolling Stone.


Fly Safe, Vote Smart.





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