Got AFA Interference?
Tell Uncle Walter

We made our decision. We soundly rejected the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA), yet the AFA will not respect our decision. The AFA said that this was our election, but it did not like the result. Now, it is trying to get a re-run of the election.

During an organizing campaign, the National Mediation Board (NMB) seeks to ensure that laboratory conditions free from influence and coercion are maintained. The AFA is claiming that Delta interfered and tainted these laboratory conditions. Based on this claim, the AFA is asking for a re-run election.

Because the AFA made charges of interference, the NMB will investigate. In determining whether the laboratory conditions essential to a fair election have been tainted, the Board considers the totality of facts and circumstances as established through its investigation. The Board evaluates the facts developed from submissions provided by the Organization and the Carrier, the Board Representatives' investigation, and past Board experience. (From NMB, citations omitted)

The AFAís strategy is to throw multiple charges at the NMB and see what sticks. That is why they have been crying interference throughout this campaign. Hopefully, the AFA will not be successful.

However, unions can also taint the laboratory conditions. The same analysis of whether laboratory conditions have been tainted apply to union interference and carrier interference.

This means that we can help. If you feel that the AFA has attempted to coerce you or interfere with your decision, you can fight back. Examples of interference might include:

bulletContinuing phone calls after you have asked the AFA to cease contact
bulletPhysical Threats
bulletHaving your name circulated on a printout of card signers or "yes" voters
bulletHouse visits
bulletPolling by the AFA  e.g. "How did you vote?"
bulletCash Payments
bulletSexual Favors
bulletRequests by a union member for your ballot
bulletBeing singled out in briefings or on the aircraft for your non-union position
bulletVerbal Abuse
bulletOther behavior designed to coerce your decision

If you experienced any of these examples, you will have to document it if you want to help. Names, witnesses, dates, times, and places all lend credibility to your report of interference. If you think that you might have a credible claim, suggests that you contact someone involved in Deltaís legal case. We suggest starting at the top with Walter Brillís office. Walter Brill is the V.P. - Associate General Counsel for Delta.

His company mailing address is:

Walter A. Brill
VP - Associate General Counsel
Legal - Department 981

His administrative assistant should be able to route your call to an attorney working on the case. Mr. Brillís administrative assistant can be reached at (404) 715-2248.

If you choose to come forward, please let us know if we are sending you to the right person, and if they were helpful.

In February, we voted to remain individuals. We made it clear that we did not want the AFA. As individuals, we have the responsibility to step forward and protect our interests. If the AFA attempted to interfere with your vote, your coming forward sends a message that the AFA cannot walk roughshod over our rights.


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Last modified: December 13, 2008