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Pat Friend Spins for Delta Flight Attendants

February 1, 2002

Dear Delta Flight Attendant,

In my 36 years as a flight attendant, we have never experienced anything in our profession like the last few months. As AFA President and as the flight attendant representative on the DOT Security Task Force, I have seen the effects of the 9-11 tragedy and the uncertainty of job losses on every flight attendant in every airline in our country.

But you had yet one more attack on your security than the rest of us a company willing to use the fear and uncertainty that arose from 9-11 to take away your right to a voice at work.

You know the results of the election. The total vote did not reach the 50% +1 mark needed for AFA representation of Delta flight attendants. Nevertheless, in the face of intimidation and uncertainty, 5,609 flight attendants stood up and voted for a voice at Delta.

That is an accomplishment in which you can take pride.

Let's address what will happen in the coming months. Last October, the National Mediation Board found a prima facie case of Delta's interference with your right to choose a union. The Board decided to hold off on its investigation until after the election. That investigation begins now.

Scores of Delta flight attendants documented how the company continued to illegally intimidate them and their co-workers until the end of the election campaign. How Delta shamelessly used 9-11 to interfere with your choice for a voice at work. This evidence will be added to the already considerable case against Delta and will clearly show the NMB the extent of Delta's interference.

The NMB investigation and final decision possibly declaring this election invalid and ordering a fair election will take at least a few months. The Board's decision will set the future course of your effort to have a voice at Delta. Until then, we will provide Delta flight attendants with information about the latest developments. Visit deltaAFA.org or call 888-997-8866 to keep in touch with the campaign.

Let me congratulate you on the work you did in the face of the company's interference. It has truly been an honor to work with you in this campaign. It is AFA's mission to improve the working lives of all flight attendants. We will continue to work with you as you move toward gaining your voice at Delta.


Patricia A. Friend
International President
Association of Flight Attendants





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