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Welcome to Deltafa.org.  Deltafa.org is the product of a group of Delta flight attendants opposed to organizing by the association of flight attendants subunit of the Communication Workers of America. (afa-CWA).  In fact, Labor Day 2011 marked our ten year anniversary of existing in relative obscurity. Since 2002, we have watched as others did an excellent job of keeping the afa at bay.  Thank you to the No Way AFA movement.

We will occasionally post articles or upload information.  The latest content is the November 18, 2011 decision by the NMB.

Finally, this site is funded and maintained by solely by line Delta flight attendants.  We receive no outside support or funding.

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Last Update  14 DEC 2008  

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Hot Topics: 

35 NMB No. 8 - November 18, 2011 This is the one where the NMB Finds no interference on the part of Delta

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afa-CWA loses again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do Unions Help the Economy?

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afa-CWA Staff member benefits

Quote of the Decade

"Over the years, Delta Airlines has maintained its union free status by keeping its wages up near the top of the industry and basically treating its employees well"

Patricia Friend, President, Association of Flight Attendants 
AFL-CIO Convention Speech - December 2001

I want to help. How can I help make the afa-CWA go away? 


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