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How can I help?

Will it ever end? The Association of Flight Attendants-Communication Workers of America (afa-CWA) has been chasing us since 1993.  They have spent millions of dollars to bring the campaign to two votes, and lost both of them.  Now, the afa-CWA is trying to retain the flight attendants that it got in the NWA raid and add to them the Delta flight attendants who have rejected them twice.

If you read Join Together or frequent average joe, you will see that the activists are beginning to work themselves into a frenzy.  They are trying to scare us into believing that the afa-CWA is the only thing that can guarantee our future.  While they are stalling right now, we expect them to begin a major push in January 2009.

We can all agree that we took an economic hit with the latest downturn. However, the new business plan along with lowered gas prices and the efficiencies that we will get with combining with Northwest should enable Delta to return some of the sacrifices that we made to keep the airline in the air.  We have already received raises and other compensation and are looking to receive additional compensation in January.

If you are among those of us who feel that our future is brighter without the afa-CWA, you can help.   Here are our suggestions.

Remain Positive

It takes great courage to remain positive when others are negative. The afa-CWA activists are winning support by conducting a  negative campaign, not by presenting the any great benefits of afa-CWA membership. Many activists are reactionary and emotional. We can turn this weakness against them. By remaining positive, sticking to the facts, and discussing the issues in rational, calm, and measured manner, you will be able to gain support for our position.

Become Informed

Become informed on the issues. Read everything from all sources. Deltafa.org,  the afa-CWA, the government, the media, and management will all provide you with information that you can use in persuading our coworkers to stay afa-CWA free.

Talk to Five Friends

Make a commitment to yourself to talk to five of your friends. Use your time on layovers, at lunch, at home, and in the non work areas of the airport to build a consensus that the electing the afa-CWA is not in our best interest. If you can convince each of your five friends to talk to another five of their friends, we will eventually build the support to defeat the afa-CWA.


If you see an activist cornering someone who may be susceptible to their influence, let the person know that there is another side to issue and that you would be glad to talk with them after the activist has finished.  Do not be pushy.  Many activists are pushy.  We want to be helpful.


Register on Deltafa.org Talk and the mailing list.  This will keep you up to date and allow you to network with the rest of us.

Start Your Own Group/ Website/Blog.

In the beginning, there was Vicious Truths. It was followed by the Freedom Force.  We popped up in 2001. On the NWA side, there is Jose Ibarra, and Michael Lehr, and www.fainformation.com.

If you want to start a mailing list, website, or a group in opposition to the afa-CWA, we will be glad to add you and your contact information to the list of other groups that we maintain.  Just let us know.

If you have any other tips for mounting an opposition to the campaign, please contact us or add your comment on the DeltaFA Talk Discussion Board 




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Last modified: December 13, 2008