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For over a decade, the Association of Flight Attendants-Communication Workers of America (afa-CWA) has been telling us that if we elect it, our lives will be more secure.  If we look at all of their claims, we wonder if they can ever live up to all that they promise.  We have questions that the afa-CWA cannot answer.

How can the afa-CWA promise that it will protect our jobs now, when the afa-CWA carriers have furloughed flight attendants?  

How can the afa-CWA promise that it will deliver an industry leading contract, when the contractual raises at US Airways and United are not even keeping up with inflation? 

Why does the afa-CWA promise that we need a legally enforceable contract, when it cannot enforce contractual provisions in contracts that it has already negotiated?   

Why didn't the afa-CWA enforce its “No Furlough clause” at US Airways?  What is the use of a contract if the afa-CWA will not bother enforce its “legally binding contract” in court?   

The afa-CWA activists say that they are pro flight attendant and pro-company.  If this is true, why are they always engaging in personal attacks on our company and management?  

The AFA says that Delta Flight Attendants need AFA protection, but if the AFA lost so much money and finally wasted itself to the point of having to merge with the CWA because of the last campaign, doesn’t it need us more than we need it?  Didn’t Pat Friend actually say this in a letter?

The afa-CWA promises us that it can bring us dignity and respect. If this is true, why are United flight attendants publicly stating that United does not respect them?

Why are the afa-CWA represented flight attendants at United Air Lines trying to replace the afa-CWA with the UFAU?

The afa-CWA makes all of these promises. Why won’t it just be honest and tell us the truth about what it can and cannot do? 

We hear these promises from the AFA, but they sound hollow.   We all are left with a feeling of doubt.  WHY? 

Don’t Organize Unions Bring Trouble


We doubt that the afa-CWA can deliver on all of its promises that it makes to us.  The afa-CWA cannot even deliver on its promises where it already represents flight attendants. The afa-CWA talk is just that, talk.  The afa-CWA will bring us more trouble than it is worth.





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Last modified: December 13, 2008