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AFA Crushed in Worst Election Defeat in Recent History 


The results are in.  On February 1,  2002, the ballots were counted for the first representation election in Delta flight attendant history.   By 2:00 PM EST, the news was breaking everywhere that the Association of Flight Attendants had suffered the largest defeat of organized labor in  airline industry history.   While claiming to have submitted over fifty  percent of authorization cards to the National Mediation Board (NMB) when it filed its petition on August 29, 2001,   the AFA just garnered 29% of the 19,033 eligible flight attendant voters. NMB Press Release

The results were broken down as follows

Number of Eligible Voters

Void Ballots 36 .002%.
Votes Cast for the AFA 5,520 29.0%
Votes Cast for Other 89 .005%
Valid Votes Counted 5,609 29.5%

Void ballots occur for procedural problems like no signatures.
Votes cast for other may include votes for the TWU, UAW, the Forum, etc.

In order to have been certified to represent us, 50% + 1 would have had to participate in this election. If the 50%+1 had participated, the union receiving the most votes would have represented us.    In this election,  71% of us said no to the AFA and union representation.

However, it is not over.  The AFA public relations plan immediately went to work.  


AFA Press Release
Pat Friend letter to AFA members
Pat Friend letter to Delta flight attendants

But hey, we can spin too

An open letter to our AFA colleagues 

While the AFA contested the election, the NMB ruled against it.

In any event, we won this round, and the election contest went nowhere.

 Score one for the good guys.




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